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           In every field of endeavor, from manufacturing and retailing, to transportation, professional services and beyond, well-informed companies of all sizes are using Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) to improve their bottom lines.

           ESOPs provide tax advantages for corporate finance, with a unique emphasis on employee benefits. The focus is on the internal strengths of an organization to achieve these results, versus reliance on outside parties. No wonder more than 11,000 private and public companies in the United States today are using ESOPs to:

  •   Provide a viable tax-advantaged exit strategy for shareholder

  •   Repay the principal portion of corporate debt with pre-tax dollars

  •   Generate tax-favored funding

  •   Motivate and reward employees

  •   Optimize employee benefits expenditures

  •   Stabilize corporate ownership with long-term investors

           You can experience similar results -- if you structure your ESOP properly and maintain it to maximum effect. That's where Benefit Capital comes in.
           Benefit Capital is a full-service ESOP and finance organization, singularly focused and experienced in creating and managing ESOPs for companies like yours. We are masters in the techniques, strategies and resources required to successfully design, create, establish and support ESOPs. And our track record speaks for itself.
           This brochure briefly explains the benefits and uses of an ESOP and why Benefit Capital is the authority to call. If your company desires the tax and strategic advantages only ESOPs can provide, read on and discover the strength within your company. Benefit Capital can help you create an ESOP that works.

How ESOPs help you get the most out of your company and your employees.

           Basically, ESOPs are a means of providing stock ownership to employees while enhancing cash flow and corporate financial strength. By selling stock to an ESOP, you achieve several key business objectives. Are you a candidate for ESOP? Click here.

Maximize stock value while retaining control.

           ESOPs pay full appraised value for company shares. As a result, your ESOP provides a convenient, in-house, liquid market for stock at full market value. The selling shareholders will also receive a fair price and can indefinitely defer federal capital gains taxes. So everyone wins. On an after-tax basis, business owners typically cannot do better than a sale to an ESOP.

Expand your business' financial options.

           ESOPs provide an easy way to finance company growth with pre-tax dollars. You can generate cash through the sale of company stock and repay debt with tax-deductible contributions. By using the ESOP in this way you can increase cash flow without increasing sales or revenue.

Promote productivity while maximizing employee benefit values.

           By offering "a piece of the action" to your employees, you can not only motivate your staff, but also improve your company's tax position through tax-deductible ESOP payments. In addition, since employees own the stock, your company benefits from a friendly stockholder base whose interests are closely aligned with yours. And you don't have to relinquish control to take advantage of the program. Voting rights may or may not be part of your offering. It's entirely up to you.
           In either case, studies prove again and again that when informed employees share in the future of the company, productivity and profitability rise dramatically. Why not turn your employee benefit plan into a vehicle that increases working capital and net worth? A professionally installed and properly communicated ESOP can actually reduce the cost of your employee benefit plan. ESOPs make good business sense.

Operate your company with strategic flexibility.

           Through the creative use of an ESOP, you can achieve strategic flexibilities never before possible within your organization. For instance, ESOPs provide an excellent means of divesting an incompatible subsidiary, without publicity, expense or the uncertainty of finding an outside buyer. Alternatively, you can acquire another company using pre-tax dollars generated by your ESOP. ESOPs are also a powerful defense against unfriendly takeovers.
           There's no question ESOPs can benefit a company when structured efficiently. For the ultimate solution in ESOP planning and implementation, turn to Benefit Capital.

Benefit Capital is the authority to call.

           With over twenty-five years of experience, the principals at Benefit Capital have assisted a wide variety of companies in establishing and maintaining successful ESOP programs that meet their objectives and achieve results. The reason for this success is simple. ESOPs are all we do.
           Our firm is comprised of seasoned professional advisors specializing in ESOP organization, formulation, counseling, funding and continuing support services. We serve as the "quarterback" over the various professional disciplines involved in developing and managing a sound ESOP program, from legal and financial, to research and accounting. We approach each assignment on its own merits; no two ESOP programs are alike. And we can satisfy even the most diverse shareholder groups through innovative solutions you get only from an authority in the field. Our full-service approach includes:

  • The Feasibility Study -- to determine the value of your business and structure an ESOP that meets your personal and business needs.

  • Plan Implementation -- entailing all legal and business documentation needed to install your ESOP program.

  • Transaction Financing -- arranging the debt, equity or other funding alternatives required to consummate the ESOP transaction.

  • Employee Communications -- to communicate the benefits of the program to your work force and involve them up front for maximum acceptance and effect.

  • The Stock Repurchase Liability Study -- ranging from the repurchase of vested shares to funding by uniquely designed insurance coverages and sinking funds.

We also offer:

  • Technical transaction advisory services

  • Expert witness testimony and litigation support

  • Document review

  • Expert opinions

  • Contract negotiation services

           At Benefit Capital, our expertise in ESOP planning and implementation can minimize your liability and maximize the value of your ESOP program. For more information or a personal appointment, contact Benefit Capital. We're the ESOP specialists.

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